"Police say they'll never know what happened."
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 09/04/02

Harry Vigilio Quadracci died on July 29, 2002.  According to reports, an
unusually intensive police investigation was conducted to pinpoint the
manner in which he drowned.   Authorities concluded that they will never
know what happened in the moments before his death.    He was being
treated for post-traumatic stress disorder and he had been carrying a
handgun for protection.

The Chenequa, WI police produced a 150-page report on the case in
September of 2002, but some pages were blacked out.  Pages that reported
the results of interviews with the 66-year-old Quadracci's psychiatrist and

Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher ended his investiagion
around the same time as the Chenequa Police.  "There is absolutely no
evidence, not one scintilla, that would justify any further investigation,"
Bucher wrote, agreeing with the medical examiner that it was an accidental
drowning.  Bucher said that he still had questions, including wondering why
a strong swimmer died.

Some important questions have yet to asked, much less answered.   Mr.  
Bucher states that "there is absolutely no evidence, not one scintilla, that
would justify any further investigation."

Here is one of my questions for Mr. Bucher:

Harry V. Quadracci's stress disorder has been linked to both the attacks on
the U.S. on September, 2001 and a fire at a Quad/Graphics printing facility.

Did you ever investigate the situation Harry V. Quadracci was in concerning
the Federal Case 02-C-1149?    Harry V. Quadracc knew the biggest law suit
of his lifetime was underway and was not going away.   His legacy was at
stake.   He was going to have go sit for depositions on videotape (just as
other Quad executives eventually did) and get grilled.  

As the police say, we'll never really know what happened.
The Strange, Mysterious Death of Harry Virgilio Quadracci